Envelope Printing - our newest service by Team. We have purchased 3 Halm Jet presses, two Halm 3", and a Halm 6" Super Jet. The addition of the 3 jet presses will allow us to do four-color process envelopes, complimenting the commercial four-color process services that Team introduced in January 2006.

Halm's two-color Jet Press is the fastest around. It's 3" diameter cylinders gives you a printing area of up to 9" x 12", allowing you to print full bleed on the front of the document, even when running the maximum size through the standard single feeder. With the ability to perfect, Team will be able to print both sides of the envelope in one pass. Four-sided bleed is possible on the back of the document, up to 4 ¼" x 12".

With Halm's Super Jet Press you can do quality two-color work on larger document, up to 18" x 12" in size. Its 6" diameter cylinders, more than double the length of your printing and perfecting areas. Full bleed is possible on the front of the document, regardless of size, and when perfection up to 9" x 12". The standard dual feeders enable you to run a larger variety of envelope sizes. With the ability to run 4-up, Team can print at speeds of up to 60,000 impressions per hour. Thereby making Team your ideal manufacturer for short or long run envelope jobs.

For more information please call Tricia at (602)-252-5900 Ext. 20 or toll free 1-855-787-6584 Ext. 20. Tricia can also be reached attricia@teamprintmedia.com.

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