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GKM Corp. has merged with PDF Print Communications

PDF Print Communications, Colfax-- 152 Whitcomb Ave., Colfax, CA 95713


Donny Dunn – General Manager
530.346.1234 –

Diane Olson – Customer Service Lead

Marsha Longden – Customer Service
530.346.1203 –

Shawn Matekel – Production Manager
530.346.1206 –

Kari Niles – Graphics Department
530.346.1215 –

Ashley Olson – Accounting
530.346.1202 –

2630 East 28th Street, Signal Hill, California 90755 (Long Beach, CA)

Whether Southbound or Northbound on the 405, take the first Cherry Avenue off ramp - Cherry Avenue, South. 

If Southbound, the off ramp will put you on Cherry heading towards the beach. Turn left at the second signal (28th Street). Go past the stop sign at Junipero. We’re past Signal Parkway on the right side of the street. 

If Northbound, at the top of the Cherry Avenue off ramp, you’ll find yourself at Temple Avenue. Turn left on Temple and go to the first street at which you can turn right (28th Street). We’re the third building up on the left side of the street. Park in the lot to the left of the building as you face it. (Note: the parking lot at the corner of 28th and Signal Parkway is not for our offices.)


Kevin Mullaney - President
ext. 108 email

LeAnn Beltran - Sales Service Assistant
ext. 102 email

Thomas D. Miani - Account Manager
ext. 106 email

Pat Pinnell - Account Manager
ext. 106 email

Rhonda Staal - Account Manager
ext. 106 email

Pat Slattery - Controller
ext. 106 email

Jeffrey Kelley - Plant Manager
ext. 106 email

Jamie Mullaney - Credit/HR Manager
ext. 106 email

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